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January 25, 2008


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At dinner recently, I listened to the waiter pouring water. As the water and chunks of ice bobbed and clunked, I stared at a cool, square, crystal water pitcher. I found out it was actually a Blenko water bottle and can also be purchased in topaz, your mag color. Topaz is a "Limited Availability" color. It is only made at certain times of the year. If you order, it could take up to 3 months for delivery. Imagine my surprise to see super d3 had posted the Blenko cocktail set the same day. The water bottles may not be as vintage, but they're nice. You still can catch the January sale at the Blenko Visitor Center Gift Shop, but you'd have to get to Milton, WV to get the bargain price!-- blenkoglass.com.


What a lovely comment. Thank you, Mom.


If you beg for it, it will come...thank you, favorite reader, for my fabulous new/vintage Blenko glass cocktail set!!!

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