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Welcome to d3.

d3 delivers you to the intersection of inspiring design and high value. Rooted in the idea that design can be not only beautiful in form and essential in function, but fun to behold and reasonable to acquire.

d3 is intended to be a daily delight, a little something wonderful that will lighten up your day, but not overly lighten your wallet (I know, terrible, but I had to say it and get that out of the way).

d3 was launched in 2007 by Kara Weber.

I write d3 during the moments of the day not dedicated to working, mothering, eating or reading. I'm an entrepreneur by day, which means I've worked with and founded a number of companies, mostly in the digital/new media world. Like this one, for example.

When I'm not working/momming/etc., I am reading art/fashion/design magazines, blogs and websites; visiting galleries, museums, and design shoppes; and trying to figure out ways and resources that can make me a better parent, eco-citizen and fundraiser for causes that mean a lot to me.

While my love for art has been around for decades (scary but true), my passion for design was piqued in the beginning of the 21st century when I worked with award-winning DU Architects to design my family's home in Venice, CA. That experience coincided with a pregnancy spent largely on bedrest, and I used the time to learn as much as I could about architecture & design.

The house was completed in 2005 (and has since been featured in a few blogs and publications, including Town & Country's October 2007 story on Venice) and has been included in multiple design & architecture tours.

My design eye didn't stop roaming when construction was completed, though. I continue to be a passionate and voracious consumer of design magazines, blogs and websites. While my house is California modern - redwood, white stucco, and lots of glass & square corners - my sensibility extends beyond popular mid-century mod, I promise. (Hence the green stool in my kitchen...). In fact, I think you'll find I'm a little all over the place - maybe you are, too.

Through all of this the gap for me has been in the area of design that's actually within reach. It's out there, and I've done a LOT of the homework to find it. I've decided that the time has come to share that research. Hope you enjoy it, and please, get in touch. I'd love to learn more about your great finds, and or your great product(s) that offers high style + reasonable price.


design, art, fashion, eco-green-sustainability, fighting for faster cures, my family, all Pittsburgh sports teams, Williams College ephemera, LA Galaxy, eating.